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”Food of the Gods with 98,7% local ingredients, sustainability and n0 waste”.

Founded in 2019 by Nick and Peik Victorzon. YLP! is the first zero waste pizzeria in Finland and Scandinavia, and the vibe is “locality”. We serve up sustainable pizzas and desserts with zero, or even a positive, impact on the environment. This includes the life cycle perspective: local suppliers, composting and energy efficiency. Only things imported are wine, coffee, olive oil & salt.

Process is minimizing the waste. Materials stay in a continuous cycle instead of being discarded. Because of the locality, there is almost n0 plastic packing materials. Our gardener Mats Nyman collects all our bio waste to make compost, in which he grows new vegetables for us. He operates in Tenhola, 15km from YLP!

Environmental issues are systematically taken into account in our daily operations. Special attention is paid to sustainable use of resources, reducing climate change and the conservation of biodiversity. 60 solar panels in co-lab with Raseborgs Energi provide us with all the electricity we need.

Our menu changes frequently according to the season. All our produce is delivered by small-scale producers, and everything is handmade. Everything we perform is about continuous improvement of local gastronomy.


Mörby Gård – flour
Tallbacka Trädgård – tomato
Mats Träd & Gård – greens
Taivasmaa – honey
Kärrby Gård – garlic
Peltolan – blue cheese
Hamppufarmi – hemp
Holmqvists Trädgård – greens
Herkkujuustola – cheese
Raseborgs Fermenteri
Viltgården – game
Bovik – lamb
K-M Lindqvist – fish
Helsieni – shrooms
Jari Holm – shrooms
Santun Seitan
Lars Random Forsstedt
Trälunds Ved – wood
Our Kids – wild stuff


Höijers 1, Ekenäs
Chez Dominique  Helsinki
Havis, Helsinki
Trädgår’n, Göteborg
28+  Göteborg
Edsbacka Krog ★★ Stockholm
Solsiden, Oslo
Waterside Inn ★★★ London
Arpège ★★★ Paris
Skiers Lodge, La Grave
Calliola, Snappertuna

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